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  • Customer Questions

  • To buy a clip all you need to do is sign up for a free account then once logged in you can buy movies and download or stream.
  • Yes, my websites are very secure and I have been a smoking site owner for over 17 years now. No emails will be shared or transaction info, everything is private. My websites are: www.Smoking-Models.com www.ElegantSmoking.com www.SmokeyMouths.com www.SmokingDomination.com
  • Yes you can, email me at james@smokingfans.com for account information. The money is then added to your account to buy movies.
  • Models Questions

  • To sell your clips / movies on Smoking Fans all you need to do is send your movies to me using gmail / google drive, we transfer, drop box etc. Contact me using the contact link at the bottom of the site. I add the movies to the system and you just let me know how much you would like to sell the clip for.
  • Every month in the first 4-10 days of the month.
  • I have been running my websites for over 17 years, My main websites are www.Smoking-Models.com and www.SmokeyMouths.com , I also have 3 models sites deals with more to come at 70/30 split where I add the content and update their websites as well as host and maintain them: www.AnnaSmoking.com www.Real-smoking-girl.com www.SmokingLaura.com Your movies are yours only and I have no rights to them and will never be sold by me on my websites or any other websites other than SmokingFans.com Also, your movies can be removed at your request whenever you like and this can be done within 24 hours
  • Whatever method you prefer, bank transfer, PayPal and others. International bank transfer outside of the UK.
  • You can sell your clips at whatever price you want per clip, just let me know price for each movie. The split is 70/30 so you earn 70 percent of every clip you sell.
  • You will be emailed with the order information for each clip sold as well as a tweet on our twitter account: https://twitter.com/SmokingFans
  • Yes I can, I am based in Essex, England and can provide content share shoots where you come to my studio for the day and we film lots of high quality content in Ultra HD. I have 17 years filming experience and I focus on quality rather than quantity as well as being very easy to work with. My lighting and framing is of the highest quality. After the shoot has finished I edit and export the content and send to you so you can sell on whatever platforms you wish and I can also add it to your Smoking Fans account so you earn 70% from the sales. If you are interested in this feel free to get in touch. Samples of my work can be seen on my sites www.Smoking-Models.com , www.ElegantSmoking.com and www.SmokeyMouths.com
  • That is completely up to you but I would recommend selling for lower than higher as you will then sell a higher volume in the long run per clip.
  • 1. Promoting your model page on www.SmokingFans.com on your social media. Go to models at the top of the site and go to your model page then copy the url. 2. Retweeting the sales tweets from your sales from the Smoking Fans twitter: https://twitter.com/SmokingFans 3. Adding lots of videos to www.SmokingFans.com and pricing competetively / not too high.
  • Yes smoking production studios / websites can also sell their clips on Smoking Fans.

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